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YE4 series high-efficiency energy-saving motor for vertical and horizontal use


The special motor for grain tippers produced by Hengshui Yongdong Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a three-phase (380V/220V) square aluminum shell high-power asynchronous motor with beautiful appearance, small size and convenient installation.

Hengshui Yongdong Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is located in Xiakou Development Zone, Fucheng County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. It is an enterprise specializing in the production, maintenance and sales of electromechanical products. Over the years, the company has established good cooperative relations with many manufacturers, and has won high praise from the society with its flexible business mode and perfect after-sales service.

Since its establishment, the company has been constantly seeking new development. Its business has spread all over the country, its service scope has been fully expanded, and its production technology system has been increasingly improved. The production projects it has undertaken include: ordinary three asynchronous motors, Y/Y2/YX/YE3 energy-saving series motors, YV2F/YV2P variable frequency speed regulating motors, YCT electromagnetic speed regulating motors, YB3 explosion-proof motors, YSF fan motors, YEJ brake braking motors, YZR series metallurgical and lifting motors.

The fan series products mainly include: centrifugal fan, axial flow fan, T35/SF/SFG/T30 axial flow fan (pipe type/fixed type/post type/mobile type), 4-72/4-68/11-62 centrifugal fan, fan series G/GP/GX/GY/GFP/JFP variable frequency speed motor fan for motor ventilation and heat dissipation, L-type DC motor fan, special fan for FDL electric control cabinet, DLF guide fan, BG/GB/FZB/GBP/BGPW/GBL explosion-proof variable frequency fan, HL/GH/GL/HL/QL/HB motor external centrifugal fan with high air pressure and large air volume, JFP/JLF/GFP series variable frequency speed motor ventilator.

The main products of motor accessories include: common three-item motor end cover, aluminum fan blade, motor oil injection pipe, cast iron wire box, casing, fan blade, fan cover and stainless steel hood, YCT speed regulating motor excitation coil, speed measuring generator, magnetic pole, conductor, frame, etc. YZR motor casing, YZR slip ring cover, YZR flat cover, YZR shaft cover, slip ring, brush, etc. Brake motor brake, brake pad, aluminum fan blade, motor grease filling pipe and other accessories. At the same time, we can also customize various special-shaped motors according to customers' needs to meet the needs of customers.

Hengshui Yongdong Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a mature management and business model. It is the business philosophy of the enterprise to forge ahead and surpass itself. We sincerely hope to continue to carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation with friends from all walks of life to create a better future!

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